The Abbott Cup was for the Western Canadian Junior "A" Championship.
The best of seven game series was between the Anavet Cup and Doyle Cup Champions.
The winner representing the West in the Centennial Cup for the Canadian Championship.



  1983 Abbott Cup
BCJHL Abbotsford Flyers 4
MJHL Dauphin Kings 2


Game Visitors Goals Home Team Goals
1 Abbotsford Flyers 0 Dauphin Kings 4
2 Abbotsford Flyers 6 Dauphin Kings 10
3 Dauphin Kings 5 Abbotsford Flyers 6
4 Dauphin Kings 5 Abbotsford Flyers 7
5 Dauphin Kings 4 Abbotsford Flyers 6
6 Dauphin Kings 1 Abbotsford Flyers 4

Abbotsford Flyers move on to the 1983 Centennial Cup.

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