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This is the 1983-84 season of the Atlantic Universities Athletic Association.

 1982-83 AUAA Season   :   1984-85 AUAA Season
 1983-84 GPAC Season   :   1983-84 CWUAA Season
 1983-84 OUAA Season   :   1983-84 QUAA Season
 1984 University Cup

Standings (pre SMU Forfeit)Edit

University of New Brunswick           19- 5-0-38
University du Moncton                 19- 5-0-38
University of Prince Edward Island    16- 8-0-32
Saint Mary's University               13-11-0-26
Acadia University                     13-11-0-26
Mount Allison University               9-14-1-19
Dalhousie University                   8-15-1-17
St. Francis Xavier University          8-16-0-16
St. Thomas University                  2-22-0- 4


Final Standings Edit

University of New Brunswick           21- 3-0-42
University du Moncton                 19- 5-0-38
University of Prince Edward Island    17- 7-0-34
Acadia University                     15- 9-0-30
Dalhousie University                  10-13-1-21
Mount Allison University              10-14-0-20
St. Francis Xavier University         10-14-0-20
St. Thomas University                  4-20-0- 8
Saint Mary's University                0-24-0- 0


  • University of New Brunswick finishes alone in first
  • Saint Mary's University finishes in last place having forfeit every game. They had played the season with an ineligible player (Wayne Fortune had played 11 games in the IHL for Saginaw Gears the previous season). This came to light after Acadia filed a protest at the end of the season. This postponed the UNB/Acadia series by a day.


All series best of 3.

Semi FinalsEdit

  • New Brunswick 4 at Acadia 5
  • Acadia 1 at New Brunswick 5
  • Acadia 2 at New Brunswick 8

New Brunswick Red Devils beat Acadia Axemen 2 wins to 1.

  • scores missing

Moncton Aigles Bleu beat UPEI Panthers 2 wins to 0.


  • New Brunswick 3 at Moncton 1
  • Moncton 3 at New Brunswick 8

New Brunswick Red Devils beat Moncton Aigles Bleu.

New Brunswick Red Devils (as conference champion) advanced to the 1984 University Cup tournament.

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