This is the 1981 tournament for the University Cup, the CIAU Canadian university championship. It was played at Calgary, Alberta and was hosted by the University of Calgary. It was in the 6-team, 2 pools format that would remain in use through the 1983 tournament.

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Participating TeamsEdit


Pool 1Edit

  • Thursday, March 12: Moncton 5 Calgary 2
  • Friday, March 13: Calgary 6 Brandon 3
  • Saturday, March 14: Moncton 10 Brandon 3

Pool 2Edit

  • Thursday, March 12: Queens 3 Concordia 2
  • Friday, March 13: Saskatchewan 8 Concordia 3
  • Saturday, March 14: Saskatchewan 5 Queens 4


Sudden death

  • Sunday, March 15: Moncton 4 Saskatchewan 2

Moncton Aigles Bleus win the University Cup.

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Game AdsEdit

See AlsoEdit

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