This is a list of Great Lakes Junior Hockey League Standings for the 1980-81 season.

Franchise changesEdit

  • The Wayne Chiefs and the Fraser Highlanders folded (a team called the Fraser Flags would join the league for the 1981-82 season)

Based on the league standings it is unclear when these two teams actually folded.


Team                          GP    W    L    T  OTL   GF    GA     P
Paddock Pool Saints           53    39   10   4   -    357   223    82
Redford Royals                53    38   13   2   -    337   212    78
Detroit Jr. Wings             54    35   16   3   -    395   244    73

As to why these standings are irregular is unknown. It is possible that a pair of teams may have folded. or the teams played non-league games that were included in the standings.


The Paddock Pool Saints won fifth straight Robertson Cup.

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