These are the 1979-80 Georgian Bay Junior C Hockey League season standings.


The Midland Free Press is the best source of information on the GBJCHL. Sadly, in the Centennials second year, the Cents performed so badly that the paper stopped covering them mid-season. At the end of the season, without posting final standings, the editor of the paper wrote a scathing review of the teams effort in the wake of back-to-back blowout losses (23-5 to Parry Sound and 37-1 to Gravenhurst).

The point totals for all teams but Midland come from the Orillia Packet, where Midland's point number was deemed so low it was not worth publishing. The W-L-T totals of the teams are just for mathematical purposes to try and figure out Midland's result for the season and are probable but not official.


Team                        GP    W    L    T  OTL   GF    GA     P
Penetang Kings              30    23   7    0   -    --    --     46
Gravenhurst Indians         30    22   8    0   -    --    --     44
Oro 77's                    30    22   8    0   -    --    --     44
Bracebridge Bears           30    12   17   1   -    --    --     25
Parry Sound Shamrocks       30    12   17   1   -    --    --     25
Huntsville Blair McCann     30    12   17   1   -    --    --     25
Midland Centennials         30    0    29   1   -    --    --     1



Oro 77's defeated Bracebridge Bears 2-games-to-none
Gravenhurst Indians defeated Parry Sound Shamrocks 2-games-to-none


Penetang Kings defeated Huntsville Blair McCann 4-games-to-?
Oro 77's defeated Gravenhurst Indians 3-games-to-?


Penetang Kings defeated Oro 77's 4-games-to-2

Penetang Kings move on to the 1980 Clarence Schmalz Cup.


  • Orillia Packet, collected by Devan Mighton
  • Midland Free Press, collected by Devan Mighton

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