The 1977 WHA Amateur Draft was the fifth and final draft held by the World Hockey Association.

Selections by RoundEdit

Below are listed the selections in the 1977 WHA Amateur Draft.

Selections By Round

Round 1Edit

1 Scott Campbell - Houston Aeros

2 Barry Beck - Calgary Cowboys

3 Ron Duguay - Winnipeg Jets

4 Mike Crombeen - Edmonton Oilers 5 Doug Wilson - Indianapolis Racers

6 Rod Langway - Birmingham Bulls

7 Jere Gillis - Cincinnati Stingers

8 Miles Zaharko - Winnipeg Jets

9 Lucien DeBlois - Quebec Nordiques

Round 2
Num. Drafted By Player
12 Birmingham Brad Maxwell
13 Calgary Tom Gorence
14 Quebec John Anderson
15 New England Moe Robinson
16 Indianapolis Wayne Ramsey
17 Calgary Doug Berry
18 Cincinnati Dave Morrow
19 New England Randy Pierce
20 Quebec Benoit Gosselin
21 Houston Dave Semenko
Round 3
Num. Drafted By Player
22 Birmingham Mark Johnson
23 New England John Baby
24 Edmonton Kim Davis
25 Cincinnati Floyd Lahache
26 Cincinnati Bob Gladney
27 Cincinnati Colin Ahern
28 Winnipeg Mark Lofthouse
29 Quebec Tom Roulston
30 Houston Glen Hanlon
Round 4
Num. Drafted By Player
31 Birmingham Norm Dupont
32 Calgary Steve Stoyanovich
33 Edmonton Neil LaBatte
34 Edmonton Dan Clark
35 Indianapolis Dale McCourt
36 Cincinnati Jeff Allan
37 Winnipeg Don "Red" Laurence
38 Quebec Robert Picard
39 Houston Reg Kerr
Round 5
Num. Drafted By Player
40 Birmingham Steve Baker
41 Calgary Perry Schnarr
42 Edmonton Rocky Saganiuk
43 New England Brian Hill
44 Indianapolis Mike Bossy
45 Cincinnati Jim Trainor
46 Winnipeg Bill Stewart
47 Quebec Alain Cote
48 Houston Kevin McCarthy
Round 6
Num. Drafted By Player
49 Birmingham Greg Tebbutt
50 Calgary Don Micheletti
51 Edmonton Julian Baretta
52 New England Jim Korn
53 Indianapolis Rick Vasko
54 Cincinnati Bill Himmelright
55 Winnipeg Ric Seiling
56 Quebec Yves Guillemette
57 Houston Markus Mattsson
Round 7
Num. Drafted By Player
58 Birmingham Bob Suter
59 Calgary Doug Butler
60 Edmonton Dave Hoyda
61 Calgary Steve Letzgus
62 Indianapolis Brian Drumm
63 Cincinnati Tom Byers
64 Winnipeg Jim Hamilton
65 Quebec Eddy Godin
66 Houston Harold Luckner
Round 8
Num. Drafted By Player
67 Birmingham Curt Christopherson
68 Calgary Jack O'Callahan
69 Edmonton Ray Creasy
70 Calgary Bob Gould
71 Cincinnati Bob Boileau
72 Winnipeg Warren Holmes
73 Quebec Pierre Lagace
74 Houston Matti Forss
Round 9
Num. Drafted By Player
75 Birmingham Jean Savard
76 Calgary Keith Hendrickson
77 Edmonton Guy Lash
78 Calgary Tim Harrer
79 Cincinnati Jim Craig
80 Winnipeg Mike Keating
81 Quebec Dan Chicoine
82 Houston Mike Dwyer
Round 10
Num. Drafted By Player
83 Birmingham Ken Linseman
84 Calgary Bruce Crowder
85 Edmonton Owen Lloyd
86 Calgary Mark Miller
87 Cincinnati Dave Kelley
88 Winnipeg Murray Bannerman
89 Quebec Roland Cloutier
90 Houston Dave Parro


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