First RoundEdit

Winners (in bold) entered the Medal Round. Other teams played a consolation round for 7th-12th places.

Team #1 Score Team #2
United States 8–4 Yugoslavia

Consolation RoundEdit

Rank Pld W L T GF GA Pts
7 Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Romania 541023158
8 Flag of Austria Austria 532018146
9 Flag of Japan Japan 532020186
10 Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 532022196
11 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 523024224
12 Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990) Bulgaria 505019380
  • Yugoslavia 6-4 Switzerland
  • Yugoslavia 4-3 Romania
  • Yugoslavia 8-5 Bulgaria
  • Japan 4-3 Yugoslavia
  • Austria 3-1 Yugoslavia
Marjan Žbontar
Janez Albreht
Miroslav Lap
Drago Savić
Božidar Beravs
Bojan Kumar
Ivan Ščap
Bogdan Jakopič
Miroslav Gojanović
Eduard Hafner
Tomaž Lepša
Roman Smolej
Ignac Kavec
Franci Žbontar
Silvo Poljanšek
Janez Petač
Janez Puterle
Gorazd Hiti

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