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These are the 1976-77 Thunder Bay Junior B Hockey League season standings.


Late in the 1976-77 season, the Blades and Voyageurs were granted expansion into the TBJHL. They had been part-time members up until this point, but were granted full status and a spot in the TBAHA final for the better of the two teams: please see: 1976-77 TBJHL Season.

The TBJBHL was left with two teams to finish the season with. Schreiber was used as a farm team for Atikokan and still easily won the 1977 Jr. B crown.


Team                          GP   W    L    T    GF    GA     P
Schreiber North Stars         
Nip-Rock Rangers              Statistics Not Available
Thunder Bay Blades*           
Atikokan Voyageurs*           

(*) denotes promotion to the Thunder Bay Junior A Hockey League mid-season.



Schreiber Diesels defeated Nip-Rock Rangers 4-games-to-1

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