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1976-77 1.Bundesliga season

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This was the 1976-77 Ice hockey Bundesliga season.

First roundEdit

Club Gp W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Kölner EC 362619219:10053:19
2.Krefelder EV 3624210177:13350:22
3.Düsseldorfer EG 3621213153:12744:28
4.Berliner SC (M) 3619413156:12642:30
5.VfL Bad Nauheim 3620016143:13540:32
6.EV Landshut 3616317140:13235:37
7.SC Riessersee 3615219140:15732:40
8.EV Füssen 3610620102:16026:46
9.EV Rosenheim 368325105:18119:53
10.Augsburger EV (N) 367524124:20819:53

Final round Edit

Club Gp W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Kölner EC 4632311272:13267:25
2.Krefelder EV 4628315225:17659:33
3.EV Landshut 4624418184:15552:40
4.Düsseldorfer EG 4624319194:18551:41
5.Berliner SC (M) 4622519186:16349:43
6.VfL Bad Nauheim 4623023177:19246:46


Club Gp W T L GF-GA Pts
1. SC Riessersee 4823322204:20349:47
2.EV Füssen 4814628140:21434:62
3.EV Rosenheim 4813530150:22431:65
4.Augsburger EV (N) 4812630167:25530:66

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