This is the 1975-76 Great Lakes Junior Hockey League season.  This was the league's first season. The league was created out of a merger of the Michigan Junior Hockey League and the Wolverine Junior A Hockey League

The league started the season with five teams scheduled to play 48 games each.  The Port Huron Fogcutters withdrew from the league on November 28, 1975 and the balance of their games were counted at 1-0 forfeits.


Team                     GP  W L  T GF  GA  P
Detroit Little Caesars   48 35 11 2 253 147 72
Detroit Jr. Wings        48 34 11 3 234 152 71
Paddock Pool Saints      48 22 19 7 191 212 51
Oakland Chiefs           48 19 23 6 191 260 44
Port Huron Fogcutters    48  1 47 0  51 149  2

No information available if there were league playoffs however, wikipedia lists the Detroit Little Caesars as winning the Robertson Cup.

source: which credited Michigan Hockey Weekly Newsmagazine

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