These were played to determine the Eastern Canadian representative in the 1975 Allan Cup final.



Best of 5

  • Barrie 8 St. John's 4
  • Barrie 6 St. John's 5
  • St. John's won Barrie defaulted
  • Barrie 4 St. John's 3

Barrie Flyers beat St. John's Capitals 3 wins to 1.

Barrie Flyers advanced to the 1975 Allan Cup final.

The series, played in St. John's, was very rough with a lot of brawls. In the second game there was a serious brawl near the end of the first period. The Flyers refused to take the ice in the second period even though they were leading 2-1. The game was then forfeited to the Capitals.

The Flyers refused to play any more games unless outside (as opposed to local) officials were used. The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association agreed and brought in officials from Quebec. The game was then played a day late.

The Flyers' coach Darryl Sly was suspended for refusing to finish the second game.

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