This is a list of Newfoundland Junior A Hockey League Standings for the 1973-74 season.


In 1973-74, the NJAHL operated with seven teams across two divisions. These divisions were semi-autonomous. The East Division played a longer schedule but suffered from illegal player allegations all season, leading to lengthy suspensions of core management members for Conception Bay North and bitter war of words between the league's commissioner and the management of St. John's (who the league alleged had used 33 players despite the NAHA limit of 25).

The season was further disturbed by a lack of parity amongst the teams in the league and competition for representation at the Canada Winter Games which led to massive disruptions in the league's schedule.

On the last weekend of the season in the West Division, the Gulls defeated the Royals 8-5. This game was protested and replayed the next Thursday. A win for either team gave them a semi-final shot against the top team, Huskies, and bragging rights over the other team. The Royals won the rematch 5-4. Both teams were subsequently demolished by the Huskies in the playoffs, who then were defeated handily by the East Division champion Gander Jr. Flyers for the league championship.


Team                           GP    W    L    T  OTL   GF    GA     P
Bay St. George Huskies         15    13   1    1   -    105   30     29
Corner Brook Jr. Royals        15    4    10   1   -    51    94     9
Port-aux-Basques Gulls         14    3    9    2   -    60    94     8
Gander Jr. Flyers              24    19   4    1   -    --    --     39
St. John's Jr. Capitals*       24    13   10   1   -    --    --     23
Clarenville Caribous           24    11   12   1   -    --    --     23
Conception Bay North Jr. Stars 24    2    21   1   -    --    --     5

(*) denotes St. John's losing 4 points for illegal players.



Bay St. George Huskies defeated Corner Brook Jr. Royals 2-games-to-none
St. John's Jr. Capitals defeated Clarenville Caribous 2-games-to-none
(6-3, 26-2)


Bay St. George Huskies defeated Port-aux-Basques Gulls 2-games-to-none
Gander Jr. Flyers defeated St. John's Jr. Capitals 3-games-to-none
(12-5, 7-3, 5-2)


Gander Jr. Flyers defeated Bay St. George Huskies 4-games-to-1
(3-5, 7-3, 9-5, 12-3, 12-2)
For the next round, please see: 1974 Hewitt-Dudley Memorial Trophy.

Goal Totals in East DivisionEdit

Only 38 of 48 game scores have been recovered. Based off these results, combined with point totals listed by the St. John's Evening Telegram, the final standings are as accurate as humanly possible. The goal totals can not yet be calculated due to the missing games.

These are the totals based on current results:

  • Gander - 22 game scores - 197 GF, 66 GA
  • St. John's - 22 game scores - 123 GF, 99 GA
  • Clarenville - 17 game scores - 62 GF, 115 GA
  • Conception Bay North - 15 game scores - 59 GF, 161 GA


  • Devan Mighton/The Western Star/Gander Beacon/St. John's Evening Telegram

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