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1973-74 Canadian Central Hockey League Season

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This is the 1973-74 Canadian Central Hockey League Season.

League NotesEdit

  • East Kildonan registered in Intermediate.
  • The two remaining Ontario teams, Kenora Thistles and Fort Frances Canadians withdraw.
  • League comes under the jurisdiction of the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association.
  • League schedules 48 games, 24 per team.
  • MAHA appoints St. Boniface as Manitoba representative in Allan Cup play.
  • MAHA combines League playoffs with Provincial Intermediate playdowns.

Regular SeasonEdit

1973-74 Canadian Central Hockey League Standings
Warroad Lakers 24 18 5 1 164 84 37
St. Boniface Mohawks 24 14 9 1 157 114 29
Thompson Hawks 24 12 12 0 115 140 24
East Kildonan Screaming Eagles 24 3 21 0 85 183 6

Note: League takes 3 wins away from St. Boniface because of dressing too many players. In the 3 games, St. Boniface went by Senior rules (14 skaters), not League (12 skaters). Games were with Thompson (9-3), and 2 with East Kildonan.


Thompson Hawks defeated East Kildonan Screaming Eagles
Warroad Lakers defeated Thompson Hawks 3-games-to-2
Canadian Central Hockey League Championship
Warroad Lakers defeated St. Boniface Mohawks 3-games-to-1
see 1973-74 Canadian Central Hockey League Playoffs

Western Canadian ChampionshipsEdit

Hardy Cup Playoffs
Western Canada Hardy Cup Semi-Final
Warroad Lakers defeated Rosetown Red Wings 3-games-to-1
Western Canada Hardy Cup Final (Edmonton Journal Trophy)
Warroad Lakers defeated Coquitlam Canadians 3-games-to-2
see 1973-74 Western Canada Intermediate Playoffs
Allan Cup Playoffs
Western Canada Allan Cup Final (Patton Cup)
St. Boniface Mohawks lost to Cranbrook Royals (WIHL) 4-games-to-2
see 1973-74 Western Canada Allan Cup Playoffs

Canadian Intermediate ChampionshipEdit

Hardy Cup Championship
Warroad Lakers defeated Embrun Panthers 3-games-to-none
see 1973-74 Hardy Cup Championships

Scoring LeadersEdit

Rank Player Team G A Pts
1 Harry Bueckert Warroad Lakers 28 36 64
2 Bill Christian Warroad Lakers 22 37 59
3 Bob Tuff Warroad Lakers 20 26 46
4 Ron Ramsey Thompson Hawks 17 25 42
5 Doug Smith St. Boniface Mohawks 18 23 41
6 Warren Harrison Warroad Lakers 18 21 39
Jim Cole Warroad Lakers 14 25 39
8 Ron Mymko Thompson Hawks 13 25 38
9 George Watson St. Boniface Mohawks 11 25 36
10 Wayne Bell St. Boniface Mohawks 24 34 58

All-Star Team

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