First RoundEdit

Winners (in bold) entered the Medal Round. Other teams played a consolation round for 7th-11th places.

Team #1 Score Team #2
United States 5–3 Switzerland

Consolation RoundEdit

Teams, which lost their games in the qualification round, played in this group.

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
7 Flag of Germany Federal Republic of Germany 431022106
8 Flag of Norway Norway 431016146
9 Flag of Japan Japan 421117165
10 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 40229162
11 Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 40319171
  • West Germany 5-0 Switzerland
  • Japan 3-3 Switzerland
  • Switzerland 3-3 Yugoslavia
  • Norway 5-3 Switzerland
Gérard Rigolet
Alfio Molina
Marcel Squaldo
Charles Henzen
Gaston Furrer
René Huguenin
Peter Aeschlimann
René Berra
Jacques Pousaz
Heini Jenni
Hans Keller
MIchel Türler
Paul Probst
Gérard Dubi
Francis Reinhard
Anton Neininger
Guy Dubois
Peter Lehmann

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