Standings Edit

Richelieu Division
1.Chambly Forts            29-10-1-59   268-183
2.Valleyfield National     23-15-2-48   230-194
3.Cowansville Voyageurs    20-19-1-41   181-188
4.Beloiel Tigers           17-18-5-39   183-196
5.Chatauguay Jets          14-18-5-33   133-165
5.Brossard Hawks           14-20-5-33   241-241
7.Iberville Renards         4-28-3-11   140-288

Monreal Division
1.St.Hyacinthe Maskoutains 31-13-2-64   287-207
2.Joliette Castors         24-19-3-51   284-254
3.Boucherville Seignuers   23-21-2-48   283-188
4.St.Michel Royals         15-28-3-33   254-298

Scoring Leaders Edit

Denis Turcotte, S.-Michel        46-59-71-130
Pierre Thémens, S.-Michel        41-48-44-92
André Bourgeois. S.-Hyacinthe    43-27-63-90
Daniel Racine, S.-Hyacinthe      45-48-38-86
Daniel Déry, S.-Hyacinthe        41-26-55-81
Lucien Deblois. Joliette         45-42-35-77
Pierre Martel, Jol. Bouc.        46-36-41-77
Clément Racicot. Boucherville    45-34-43-77
Claude Ethier, Joliette          46-36-41-77
Gino Tessier, Joliette           46-28-49-77

All-star teams Edit

First                       Second
G-Ronald Herron, Chambly    Randy Burchell, Chateauguay
D-Roger Lavergne, Cham      Sylvain St.Pierre, Chateauguay
D-Michel Favreau, Bross     Louis Masse, Valleyfield
RW-M.A. Duhamel, Chambly    Richard Bergeron, Brssard
LW-Michel Richer, Valleyfd  Roger Sauve, Chambly
C-Daniel Vinet, Brossard    Roger Duhamel, Chambly

Rookie of Year: Robert Simpson, Chateaugay

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