This is the 1972-73 Quebec Universities Athletic Association season. This was Royal Military College's last season in the conference. They moved to the OUAA in 1973-74.

 1971-72 QUAA Season  :  1973-74 QUAA Season
 1972-73 CWUAA Season :  1972-73 GPAC Season
 1972-73 OUAA Season  :  1972-73 AUAA Season
 1973 University Cup


Sir George Williams Georgians      17- 4-3-37
Loyola College Warriors            15- 8-1-31
Bishop's Gaiters                   14- 9-1-29
Sherbrooke Vert et Or              12- 9-3-27
Royal Military College Paladins     9-12-3-21
McGill Redmen                       7-15-2-16
UQTR Patriotes                      2-19-3- 7


All sudden death.



Loyola College Warriors (as conference champion) advanced to the 1973 University Cup tournament.

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