This is the 1971-72 Season of the Richelieu Junior B Hockey League.


North DivisionEdit

1.Chateauguay Jets         28- 7-7-63   256-140
2.Laprairie Hawks          30-10-2-62   250-160
3.Cap de la Madelein Barons26-11-5-57   275-160
4.Longueuil Jets           19-15-8-46   220-179
5.Valleyfield Nationals    21-19-2-44   221-214
6.Iberville Renards        13-27-2-28   165-233
7.Beloeil Tigers           13-28-1-27   164-241
8.Cowansville Voyageurs     4-37-1- 9   149-373

All-Stars & Honors Edit

G-Michel Dubuc, Chateaugay
D-Mario Faubert, Valleyfield
D-Pierre Gelineau, Chateauguay
C-Steve Heggison, Chateauguay
LW-Jacques Dauphinais, CM
RW-Andre Boisvert, CM
MVP:Steve Heggison, Chat
Top Scorer: Mario Scalzo, Long
Rookie of Year:  Steve Hegginson, Chat

See AlsoEdit

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