This is the 1971-72 Canadian Central Hockey League Season.

League NotesEdit

  • League schedules 60 games, 24 per team, and no playoffs.
  • At the conclusion of the Regular Season, the 3 Ontario clubs would enter in Thunder Bay Intermediate playoffs, and Warroad in Manitoba's. St. Boniface would represent Manitoba in Allan Cup play.

Regular SeasonEdit

Warroad Lakers 24 21 3 0 134 73 42
St. Boniface Mohawks 24 17 7 0 155 83 34
Kenora Thistles 24 15 9 0 143 101 30
Fort Frances Canadians 24 5 19 0 93 150 10
Dryden Rockets 22 2 20 0 43 161 4

Note: Dryden did not finish the season. Their final 2 games were counted as default losses.

Northwest Ontario Intermediate ChampionshipEdit

Kenora Thistles defeated Fort Frances Canadians
see 1971-72 Thunder Bay Intermediate Playoffs

Manitoba Intermediate ChampionshipEdit

Warroad Lakers defeated Thompson Hawks 3-games-to-none
see 1971-72 Manitoba Intermediate Playoffs

Western Canadian ChampionshipsEdit

Hardy Cup Playoffs
Western Canada Hardy Cup Quarter Final
Warroad Lakers defeated Kenora Thistles 3-games-to-2
Western Canada Hardy Cup Semi-Final
Warroad Lakers lost to Rosetown Red Wings 3-games-to-2
see 1971-72 Western Canada Intermediate Playoffs
Allan Cup Playoffs
Western Canada Allan Cup Semi-Final
St. Boniface Mohawks defeated Yorkton Terriers (PHL) 4-games-to-3
Western Canada Allan Cup Final (Patton Cup)
St. Boniface Mohawks lost to Spokane Jets (WIHL) 4-games-to-none
see 1971-72 Western Canada Allan Cup Playoffs

Scoring LeadersEdit

Rank Player Team G A Pts
1 Don Bamburak Warroad Lakers 21 28 49
Ray Brunel St. Boniface Mohawks 18 31 49
3 Jim Robertson Kenora Thistles 26 22 48
4 Gerald Haines Kenora Thistles 20 24 44
5 Warren Harrison Warroad Lakers 17 25 42
6 Tom Thomsen Kenora Thistles 19 21 40
7 Bill Scott St. Boniface Mohawks 20 17 37
Mike McKenzie St. Boniface Mohawks 18 19 37
9 George Anderson St. Boniface Mohawks 28 8 36
10 Ken George Kenora Thistles 14 18 32

All-Star TeamsEdit

First All-Star Team
Jim RobertsonRay BrunelDon Bamburak
Kenora ThistlesSt. Boniface MohawksWarroad Lakers

Dick BraunGary Kwasnitza
Warroad LakersSt. Boniface Mohawks

Al Reynard
Kenora Thistles

Second All-Star Team
Mike McKenzieWarren HarrisonKen George
St. Boniface MohawksWarroad LakersKenora Thistles

Vic MagdaKen Stephanson
Warroad LakersSt. Boniface Mohawks

Blaine Comstock
Warroad Lakers

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