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1970-71 OSLC Season

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This is the 1970-71 season of the Ottawa-St. Lawrence Conference. It was the final season for the conference. The following season the teams went to either the OUAA or the QUAA. This was the final season for MacDonald College.

 1969-70 OSLC Season  :  1971-72 QUAA Season
 1970-71 WIAA Season  :  1971-72 OUAA Season
 1970-71 OIAA Season  :  1970-71 QOAA Season
 1970-71 AUAA Season  :  1971 University Cup


Loyola College                          15- 2-1-31
University of Quebec @ Trois Rivieres   12- 5-1-25
Bishops University                      10- 6-2-22
University of Sherbrooke                10- 7-1-21
Royal Military College                   8- 9-1-17
Sir George Williams University           5-13-0-10
MacDonald College                        0-18-0- 0


All sudden death @ Pointe Claire.

Semi FinalsEdit


Loyola College Warriors (as conference champion) advanced to the 1971 University Cup torunament.

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