Note: This was the first year of the Major Junior level of play. Other leagues that formerly played for the Memorial Cup in eastern Canada now played for the Centennial Cup.

Ontario and Quebec agreed not to play the Western Canada Junior League because of policy differences. This series was supposed to be for the Memorial Cup.

It was to be a very emotional series. Ontario junior teams had, for years, been taking the best Quebec players. The Quebec League, which had just started this year, was trying to reverse this trend.

The star player on the Black Hawks was Marcel Dionne who was from Drummondville, Quebec. He was far from popular in Quebec for leaving his home province.


Best of 7

Sunday May 2	        @ St Catharines		Quebec 4 St Catharines 2
Monday May 3	        @ St Catharines		St Catharines 8 Quebec 3
Friday May 7	        @ Quebec		Quebec 3 St Catharines 1
Saturday May 8	        @ Quebec		Quebec 6 St Catharines 1
Wednesday May 12	@ Toronto		St Catharines 6 Quebec 3

There were very serious brawls in both games @ Quebec. In the fourth game of the series, the fans attacked the Black Hawks both inside and outside the arena.

The Black Hawks asked that the sixth game not be played @ Quebec. Even after the local authorities promised heavy police protection the parents of the Black Hawk players refused to allow their sons to play in Quebec. St Catharines thus forfeited the series.

Quebec Remparts beat St Catharines Black Hawks 3 wins to 2 plus forfeit.

After this messy series and loss of revenue from the unplayed game, the Quebec League decided to accept a challenge from the Edmonton Oil Kings to play for the Memorial Cup.

Quebec Remparts advanced to the 1970-71 Memorial Cup Final.

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