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1969-70 Manitoba Senior Hockey League Season

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This is the 1969-70 Manitoba Senior Hockey League Season.

League NotesEdit

Manitoba Senior 'A' Hockey Championship

Regular SeasonEdit

1969-70 Manitoba Senior Hockey League Standings
Warroad Lakers 24 18 6 0 160 90 36
St. Boniface Mohawks 24 13 9 2 113 107 28
Selkirk Fishermen 24 7 15 2 90 130 16
Kenora Thistles 24 7 15 2 80 116 16


Warroad Lakers defeated Selkirk Fishermen 4-games-to-none
St. Boniface Mohawks defeated Kenora Thistles 4-games-to-none
Pattison Cup Championship
St. Boniface Mohawks defeated Warroad Lakers 4-games-to-1
see 1969-70 Manitoba Senior Hockey League Playoffs

Western Canadian ChampionshipEdit

Allan Cup Playoffs
Western Canada Allan Cup Quarter-Final
St. Boniface Mohawks defeated Fort William Beavers (TBSHL) 3-games-to-none
Western Canada Allan Cup Semi-Final
St. Boniface Mohawks defeated Yorkton Terriers (SSHL) 3-games-to-2
Western Canada Allan Cup Final (Patton Cup)
St. Boniface Mohawks lost to Spokane Jets (WIHL) 3-games-to-1
see 1969-70 Western Canada Allan Cup Playoffs

Scoring LeadersEdit

Rank Player Team G A Pts
1 Harry Bueckert Warroad Lakers 33 34 67
2 Ken Saunders Warroad Lakers 20 38 58
3 Dave Megill St. Boniface Mohawks 30 14 44
Doug Overton Warroad Lakers 19 25 44
Bill Christian Warroad Lakers 15 29 44
6 Don McGowan Kenora Thistles 24 15 39
7 Rick Cruise Selkirk Fishermen 22 12 34
8 Ed Merriam Selkirk Fishermen 5 28 33
9 Wayne Bell Warroad Lakers 15 17 32
10 Bud Bailey Kenora Thistles 10 19 29


Trophy Winner Team
MVP  ?????
Top Goaltender (GAA) Bob Rogers Warroad Lakers
Rookie of the Year  ?????
Scoring Champion Harry Bueckert Warroad Lakers

All-Star Team
Harry BueckertKen SaundersDave Megill
Warroad LakersWarroad LakersSt. Boniface Mohawks

Joe CooperBarry Grundy
Warroad LakersSt. Boniface Mohawks

Bob Rogers
Warroad Lakers

Coach • Manager
Bill ChristianAimie Allaire
Warroad LakersSt. Boniface Mohawks

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