Consolation Round Edit

Teams in this group play for 9th-14th places. France entered in this round, from the start, they did not play for a medal.

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
9 Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 550033910
10 Flag of Japan Japan 541027128
11 Flag of Norway Norway 532015156
12 Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Romania 523022234
13 Flag of Austria Austria 514012272
14 Flag of France France 50509320

Flag of Norway Norway – Flag of France France 4:1 (1:1, 2:0, 1:0)
Goalscorers: Hagensen, Smefjell, Dalsören, Mikkelsen – Liberman.

Flag of France France – Flag of Romania Romania 3:7 (0:2, 0:2, 3:3)
Goalscorers: Itzicsohn, Mazza, Lacarriere – Iuliu Szabo 2, Florescu 2, Pana, Geza Szabo, Stefan.

Flag of France France – Flag of Austria Austria 2:5 (0:1, 2:3, 0:1)
Goalscorers: Faucomprez, Caux – Puschnig 2, Kirchbaumer, St. John, Schupp.

Flag of France France – Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 1:10 (0:6, 0:1, 1:3)
Goalscorers: Itzicsohn – Tisler 3, Ivo Jan 2, Felc 2, Beravs, Roman Smolej, Hiti.

Flag of France France – Flag of Japan Japan 2:6 (0:0, 0:4, 2:2)
Goalscorers: Mazza, Faucomprez – Ebina 2, Hikigi, Itoh, Okajima, Araki.


Goaltenders: Jean-Claude Sozzi, Bernard Deschamps
Defence: Joel Godeau, Claude Blanchard, Philippe Lacarriere, René Blanchard, Joel Gauvin
Forwards: Bernard Cabanis, Gerard Faucomprez, Alain Mazza, Olivier Prechac, Gilbert Lepre, Patrick Pourtanel, Michel Caux, Gilbert Itzicsohn, Daniel Grando, Patrick Francheterre, Charles Liberman.

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