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First RoundEdit

Flag of Finland Finland - Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 11:2 (3:0, 6:0, 2:2)
Goalscorers: Lasse Oksanen 2, Esa Peltonen 2, Matti Reunamаki 2, Juhani Wahlsten, Veli-Pekka Ketola, Matti Keinonen, Matti Harju, Pekka Leimu - Albin Felc, Franc Smolej.

Final Round Edit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union 7610481012
2 Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 7511331711
3 Flag of Canada Canada 7520281510
4 Flag of Sweden Sweden 742123189
5 Flag of Finland Finland 733117237
6 Flag of the United States United States of America 724123285
7 Flag of Germany Federal Republic of Germany 716013392
8 Flag of East Germany East Germany 707013480

Flag of the Soviet Union USSR – Flag of Finland Finland 8:0 (3:0, 2:0, 3:0)
Goalscorers: Staršinov 2, Mišakov 2, Zimin 2, Firsov, Populanov.
Referees: Bucala, Kořínek (TCH)

Flag of Canada.svg Canada – Flag of Finland Finland 2:5 (1:2, 0:1, 1:2)
Goalscorers: O’Shea, McMillan – Keinonen, Oksanen, J. Peltonen, Koskela, Wahlsten.
Referees: Trumble (USA), Seglin (URS)

Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia – Flag of Finland Finland 4:3 (0:1, 3:0, 1:2)
Goalscorers: Nedomanský 2, Golonka, Havel – Keinonen, Ketola, Oksanen.
Referees: Wiking (SWE), Snětkov (URS)

Flag of Sweden Sweden – Flag of Finland Finland 5:1 (1:0, 2:1, 2:0)
Goalscorers: Wickberg 2, Granholm, Nillsson, Bengsston – Oksanen.
Referees: Kubinec (CAN), Kořínek (TCH)

Flag of East Germany East Germany – Flag of Finland Finland 2:3 (1:2, 0:1, 1:0)
Goalscorers: R. Noack, Peters – Harju 2, Keinonen.
Referees: Bucala (TCH), Dahlberg (SWE)

Flag of Finland Finland– Flag of Germany West Germany 4:1 (2:1, 1:0, 1:0)
Goalscorers: Leimu 2, Ketola, J. Peltonen – Schloder.
Referees: Kořínek, Bucala (TCH)

Flag of the United States USA – Flag of Finland Finland 1:1 (1:1, 0:0, 0:0)
Goalscorers: Volmar – Wahlsten.
Referees: Kubinec (CAN), Seglin (URS)


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