The 1967 Montreal Centennial University Tournament was held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from January 4 to January 6, 1967. It was a part of Canada's centennial year celebrations.

Teams included one group of the four teams in Montreal:

The other group included high ranking teams from across Canada:

Each group played sudden-death semi finals with the winners playing a sudden-death final the next day. On the third day the two group winners played a sudden-death final.

Group Semi-FinalsEdit

Wednesday, January 4, 1967

  • Sir George Williams 4 Loyola 3
  • McGill 5 Montreal 4
  • Toronto 13 St. Dunstan's 1
  • Alberta 5 Laval 1

Group FinalsEdit

Thursday, January 5, 1967

  • Sir George Williams 4 McGill 2
  • Toronto 8 Alberta 5

Tournament FinalEdit

Friday, January 6. 1967

  • Toronto 8 Sir George Williams 4


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