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The 1967-68 Canadian Olympic B Team (also known as the Eastern National Team) played out of Hull, Quebec. It served as a backup and developmental team for the 1967-68 Canadian Olympic Team.

It played in the Provincial Senior League.

The team played the following international exhibition games:


Nov 22		2-6 Sweden @ Stockholm
Nov 24		2-1 Sweden @ Gavle
Nov 26		3-3 East Germany @ East Berlin
Nov 28		4-4 East German National Team @ Weißwasser
Nov 30		5-9 Soviet Union B @ Leningrad
Dec 1		5-3 Poland @ Leningrad
Dec 3		0-7 Soviet Union @ Moscow
Dec 4		2-6 Czechoslovakia @ Moscow
Dec 6		2-7 Czechoslovakia B @ Moscow
Dec 14		10-2 Romania @ Hull
Dec 16		5-3 Moscow Selects @ Hull
Dec 26		3-4 Sweden @ Hull
Jan 9		8-2 Soviet Union @ Ottawa
Jan 25		1-8 Canada @ Winnipeg

The games from November 30 to December 6 were part of the 1967 50th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution Tournament.

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