Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 3

  • Rimouski 9 Rockcliffe 4
  • Rimouski 7 Rockcliffe 1

Rimouski Maple Leafs beat Rockcliffe RCAF 2 wins to none.

  • Fredericton 8 Fort Erie 5
  • Fort Erie 5 Fredericton 4
  • Fredericton 9 Fort Erie 5

Fredericton Capitals beat Fort Erie Frontiers 2 wins to 1.


Best of 3

  • Fredericton 8 Rimouski 4
  • Rimouski 8 Fredericton 2
  • Fredericton beat Rimouski

Fredericton Capitals beat Rimouski Maple Leafs 2 wins to 1.


Played after the Fredericton-Fort Erie series.

Best of 3

  • Kapuskasing 12 Fort Erie 4
  • Kapuskasing 8 Fort Erie 5

Kapuskasing Merchants beat Fort Erie Frontiers 2 wins to none.

Team PhotosEdit


The Fredericton Capitals were supposed to play the Kapuskasing Merchants but refused because they insisted they had already played the Ontario champions.

The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) let Fredricton go, thus depriving the Merchants a chance at the title. The CAHA insisted that it simply forgot about Kapuskasing when making the arrangements for these playoffs.

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