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1966-67 1.Bundesliga season

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This was the 1966-67 Ice hockey Bundesliga season.

First roundEdit

West Edit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Düsseldorfer EG 16112393:4224:8
2.Mannheimer ERC 1693485:4621:11
3.Krefelder EV 1691669:5019:13
4.Preußen Krefeld 16601066:8812:20
5.Berliner SC (N) 16201433:120 4:28


Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. EV Füssen 16113288:4625:7
2.EC Bad Tölz (M) 1674573:5618:14
3.EV Landshut 1653850:7313:19
4.SC Riessersee 1653852:6113:19
5.ESV Kaufbeuren 1643951:7811:21

3rd place Edit

  • EV Landshut – SC Riessersee 3:2

Relegation round Edit

West Edit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Preußen Krefeld 861158:2713:3
2.VfL Bad Nauheim 841339:34 9:7
3.Kölner EK 840433:318:8
4.Berliner SC 821538:505:11
5.Eintracht Frankfurt 821537:635:11

South Edit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. FC Bayern München 861132:2113:3
2. SG Oberstdorf/Sonthofen 841328:309:7
3.ESV Kaufbeuren 840435:288:8
4.SC Riessersee 822431:286:10
5.Augsburger EV 820625:444:12

German Cup Edit

Series 1 2
Preußen Krefeld FC Bayern München 4:7 3:4 1:3

Final roundEdit

Club GP W T L GF-GA Pts
1. Düsseldorfer EG 1090144:2218:2
2EC Bad Tölz (M) 1070353:2214:6
3EV Landshut 1050528:5010:10
4EV Füssen 1040631:33 8:12
5Krefelder EV 1040632:44 8:12
6Mannheimer ERC 1010922:39 2:18


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