These are the 1965-66 Western Ontario Athletic Association Standings.


Durham and Hespeler played a joint WOAA-OHA series that lasted a reputed 13 or 14 games during the playoffs as their teams were entered in both leagues at once. Durham playoff games were said to average 1200-1500 fans per game in that era, and according to the papers, after a good half dozen playoff games between the two teams that fans just stopped coming. The series delayed the WOAA so much that the Northern Champions (Hanover-Walkerton Combines) ran out of ice time before the league championship could be played. The Intermediate B crown was given to Hespeler by default. Many teams were very disgruntled by this and jumped to the OHA in droves. Durham, Hanover, Clinton, and Port Elgin remained in the WOAA for 1966-67, but after Hanover folded due to lack of interest, Durham and Clinton tried to join the OHA but were rejected by their local loop. It is uncertain if their was a 1966-67 WOAA Intermediate season.

Northern Intermediate BEdit

Statistics Missing.



Hanover-Walkerton Combines defeated Owen Sound Trappers

Southern Intermediate BEdit

Team                         GP    W    L    T    GF    GA     P
Hespeler Mic Macs            24    17   6    1    --    --     35
Acton Tanners                24    15   7    2    --    --     32*
Durham Huskies               24    15   7    2    --    --     32
Fergus Flyers                24    5    18   1    --    --     11
Orangeville Dufferins        24    5    19   0    --    --     10

(*) Acton tied and then defeated Durham in two tie-breaker games.



Hespeler Mic Macs defeated Durham Huskies 4-games-to-3
(4-7, 8-2, 8-0, , 12-2, 2-3, 8-6)
Acton Tanners defeated Fergus Flyers 4-games-to-1


Hespeler Mic Macs defeated Acton Tanners 4-games-to-3

Intermediate B Grand ChampionshipEdit


Hespeler Mic Macs are awarded Intermediate B title after the Hanover Arena was shutdown for summer waiting on the Southern Loop to finish their playoffs.

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