First RoundEdit

Winners (in bold) qualified for the Group A to play for 1st-8th places. Teams, which lost their qualification matches, played in Group B for 9th-16th places.

Team #1 Score Team #2
Canada 14–1 Yugoslavia

Consolation Round Edit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
9 Flag of Poland Poland 7610401312
10 Flag of Norway Norway 7520401910
11 Flag of Japan Japan 742135319
12 Flag of Romania (1952-1965) Romania 733131287
13 Flag of Austria Austria 733124287
14 Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 733129377
15 Flag of Italy Italy 725024424
16 Flag of Hungary Hungary 707014390
  • Austria 6-2 Yugoslavia
  • Yugoslavia 5-3 Italy
  • Romania 5-5 Yugoslavia
  • Yugoslavia 6-4 Japan
  • Yugoslavia 4-2 Hungary
  • Poland 9-3 Yugoslavia
  • Norway 8-4 Yugoslavia
Aleksandar Anđelić
Miroljub Ðorđević
Albin Felc
Anton Jože Gale
Mirko Holbus
Bogo Jan
Ivo Jan
Marijan Kristan
Miran Krmelj
Igor Radin
Ivo Ratej
Viktor Ravnik
Boris Renaud
Rašid Šemšedinović
Franc Smolej
Viktor Tišler
Vinko Valentar

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