First RoundEdit

Winners (in bold) qualified for the Group A to play for 1st-8th places. Teams, which lost their qualification matches, played in Group B for 9th-16th places.

Team #1 Score Team #2
Switzerland 5–1 Norway

Consolation Round Edit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
9 Flag of Poland Poland 7610401312
10 Flag of Norway Norway 7520401910
11 Flag of Japan Japan 742135319
12 Flag of Romania (1952-1965) Romania 733131287
13 Flag of Austria Austria 733124287
14 Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 733129377
15 Flag of Italy Italy 725024424
16 Flag of Hungary Hungary 707014390
  • Japan 4-3 Norway
  • Poland 4-2 Norway
  • Norway 9-2 Italy
  • Norway 5-1 Hungary
  • Norway 4-2 Romania
  • Austria 2-8 Norway
  • Norway 8-4 Yugoslavia
Egil Bjerklund
Olav Dalsøren
Bjørn Elvenes
Erik Fjeldstad
Tor Gundersen
Jan Erik Hansen
Svein Norman Hansen
Einar Bruno Larsen
Thor-Erik Lundby
Thor Martinsen
Øystein Mellerud
Kåre Østensen
Frank Olafsen
Per Skjerwen Olsen
Christian Petersen
Georg Smefjell
Jan Roar Thoresen

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