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The inaugural Manitoba - Saskatchewan all-star game was held in Winnipeg on January 21 before 7,044 fans. The MJHL scored a 6-2 triumph to win the Charlie Gardiner Memorial Trophy. Brandon stars Gerry Kell and Marc Dufour lead the attack with two goals each, Jim Johnson and Paul Allan added singles. Replying for the SJHL were Ron Willy and George Swarbrick.



Trojack did not play; replaced by Bob Ash (Brandon)

Game SummaryEdit

First Period
MJHL: Kell 0:42
MJHL: Dufour (Stemkowski, Peers) 2:10
SJHL: Willy (Kozie, Peters) 8:33
SJHL: Swarbrick (Sutcliffe, Smith) 17:48
Moore (M) 2:25; Stemkowski (M) 7:37; Peers (M) 11:52; Trapp (S) 14:22
Second Period
MJHL: Kell (Brown, Taylor) 1:12
MJHL: Dufour (Ash, Peers) 3:00
Smith (S) 0:48; Allan (M) 8:52; Toyne (M) 11:12; Woytowich (M) 14:21; Smith (S) 14:59; Moore (M) 19:51
Third Period
MJHL: Allan (Johnson, Stoyko) 10:49
MJHL: Johnson (Stoyko, Allan) 15:56
Smith (S) 6:53; Manchester (S) 9:53; Manchester (S) 11:31; Taylor (M) 12:18

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