Flag of the Soviet Union

This is a tour of Canada by the Soviet Union national ice hockey team in the 1962-63 season:



Nov. 15  7-3 Ottawa Montagnards (Senior)
Nov. 16  2-1 Montreal Olympics (Senior)
Nov. 18  5-3 Kitchener-Waterloo Tigers (Senior)
Nov. 19  9-5 Hamilton Red Wings (Junior & Pros)
Nov. 21  2-8 Windsor Bulldogs (Senior)
Nov. 23  6-0 Toronto Juniors & University of British Columbia @ Toronto
Nov. 25  5-2 Montreal Junior Canadiens (Junior)
Nov. 26  8-4 Kapuskasing Kaps (Senior)

Note 1: The pros who played with the Hamilton Red Wings were all recent graduates:

Ron Harris, Howie Menard, Lowell MacDonald, Roger Lafreniere, Wayne Rivers, Dennis Riggin, Keith Walsh, John Miszuk, and Larry Jeffrey.

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