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1962-63 Eastern Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs

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Note: Ottawa, Quebec, and the Maritimes did not participate in the Memorial Cup playoffs because they felt that their teams were too weak. They played in a separate playoff.


Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
April 21 Niagara Falls 6 Espanola 2 Sudbury
April 23 Niagara Falls 9 Espanola 7 Espanola
April 25 Niagara Falls 10 Espanola 1 Niagara Falls
April 27 Niagara Falls 13 Espanola 0 Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Flyers beat Espanola Eagles 4 wins to none.

Niagara Falls Flyers advanced to the 1962-63 Memorial Cup Final

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