This was the 1961–62 Czechoslovak Extraliga season, the top level of ice hockey in Czechoslovakia.

First roundEdit

Pl. Team Sp. S U N Torv. Pkt.
1.Slovan ÚNV Bratislava221633119:5835
2. Rudá Hvězda Brno 221624129:6534
3.Spartak Praha Sokolovo22142698:5730
4.Dukla Jihlava22141790:8029
5.Tesla Pardubice22103993:9123
6.TJ Spartak LZ Plzeň22103974:7823
7.VŽKG Ostrava2294980:7522
8.TJ SONP Kladno22831197:11219
9. VTŽ Chomutov 22801473:11116
10.Dukla Litoměřice22521584:13212
11.SZ Litvínov22351480:11311
12.Slavoj České Budějovice22341582:13510

Final round Edit

Pl. Team Sp. S U N Torv. Pkt.
1.Rudá Hvězda Brno322435183:9151
2. Slovan ÚNV Bratislava 322255161:8349
3.Dukla Jihlava322039136:11543
4.Spartak Praha Sokolovo3218212123:9838
5.TJ Spartak LZ Plzeň3213415100:11330
6.Tesla Pardubice3210319118:15023

7th–12th place Edit

Pl. Team Sp. S U N Torv. Pkt.
7.TJ SONP Kladno3217411175:14838
8. VŽKG Ostrava 3211615120:11428
9.VTŽ Chomutov3212020119:17124
10.Slavoj České Budějovice328519134:19121
11.SZ Litvínov327619123:16320
12.Dukla Litoměřice328321130:18519

Team PhotosEdit

See AlsoEdit

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