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This was the 1961-62 season of the Alberta Big Six League.

The Calgary Buffalos were a junior team and advanced to the 1961-62 Alberta Junior Playoffs after playing in the league playoffs.

The Calgary Adderson Builders were a senior team and the only one in the province. They were advancing to the 1961-62 Western Canada Allan Cup Playoffs.

The other three teams were intermediate. The leading team from among them could advance to the 1961-62 Alberta Intermediate Playoffs.


  1. Calgary Adderson Builders 30-5-0
  2. Coleman Grands
  3. Calgary Buffalos
  4. Great Falls Americans 8-25-3
  5. Taber Chefs

The Lethbridge Maple Leafs dropped out on Jan. 10 because of financial reasons and poor fan support.

Statistics unavailable.

Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 5

  • Adderson 5 Great Falls 4
  • Adderson 6 Great Falls 1
  • Adderson 6 Great Falls 3

Calgary Adderson Builders beat Great Falls Americans 3 wins to none.

  • Coleman 6 Buffalos 5
  • Coleman beat Buffalos
  • Buffalos 7 Coleman 1
  • Coleman 9 Buffalos 4

Coleman Grands beat Calgary Buffalos 3 wins to 1.


Best of 7

  • Calgary 5 Coleman 2
  • Coleman 3 Calgary 2
  • Coleman 6 Calgary 4
  • Calgary 4 Coleman 3
  • Calgary 4 Coleman 2
  • Calgary 10 Coleman 4

Calgary Adderson Builders beat Coleman Grands 4 wins to 2.

The Coleman Grands defaulted the final in the 1961-62 Alberta Intermediate Playoffs in order to finish this series.

Game AdsEdit

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