This is a tour by the Japanese National Team of Canada and the United States before and after the 1960 Olympics.

The Canadian part of this tour is complete. The American part is incomplete.


Jan 4		1-9 Victoria Navy
Jan 6		9-10 Pacific Coast Amateur League All Stars @ Vancouver
Jan 7		5-10 Nanaimo Labatts
Jan 9		4-9 Chilliwack Volvos
Jan 11		3-8 Powell River Regals
Jan 13		1-6 Kamloops Cariboos
Jan 16		2-17 Central Alberta Hockey League All Stars @ Lacombe
Jan 18		4-4 Lethbridge Maple Leafs
Jan 20		5-9 Regina Caps
Jan 22		8-6 Brandon Wheat Kings
Jan 24		4-11 Winnipeg Maroons
Jan 27		4-11 Kenora Thistles
Jan 29		5-7 Thunder Bay Junior League All Stars @ Fort William
Jan 30		3-7 University of Minnesota at Duluth
Feb 14		4-10 United States
Feb 15		1-12 Soviet Union @ Squaw Valley

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