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1957-58 Maritimes Senior Playoffs

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This is the 1957-58 Maritimes Senior Playoffs.


In the previous season the Maritimes Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) had decided to pass on the Allan Cup playoffs. This year they gave their senior teams and leagues the option of competing for an Allan Cup playoffs spot and the regional championship or just the regional championship. If they competed for the Allan Cup playoff spot the teams would have to finish their season earlier to meet national deadlines.

The Maritimes Armed Forces League opted for the Allan Cup competition as did the independent teams New Glasgow Rangers and Halifax Wolverines.

The Maritimes Senior League was formed in November with the Amherst Ramblers, Charlottetown Royals, Summerside Aces, and Mount Allison University (which only played part-time). The intention was that the league would finish play at the end of February after which its playoff champion would enter these playoffs.

However when the MAHA announced its policy in January Amherst and Summerside said that they wanted to play for the Allan Cup. League play then ended on February 1st and Charlottetown was left out in the cold. The Royals were allowed to play in the Maritimes playoffs in March.

After Summerside was beaten by Amherst a playoff was arranged with Charlottetown for the championship of Prince Edward Island.

Allan Cup QualifyingEdit

Participating teamsEdit

League championEdit

Maritimes Armed Forces League: Shearwater Flyers

Independent teamsEdit


Quarter FinalEdit

Best of 9

Date Winner Loser Location
February 6 Amherst 6 Summerside 4 Summerside
February 8 Amherst 9 Summerside 4 Amherst
February 10 Amherst 6 Summerside 5 Amherst
February 11 Summerside 7 Amherst 1 Summerside
February 15 Amherst 5 Summerside 3 Moncton
February 17 Amherst 4 Summerside 2 Summerside

Amherst Ramblers beat Summerside Aces 5 games to 1.

Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 9

Date Winner Loser Location
New Glasgow 4 Halifax 0
New Glasgow 3 Halifax 1
February 20 New Glasgow 7 Halifax 0 Halifax
February 22 New Glasgow 5 Halifax 3 New Glasgow
February 24 New Glasgow 8 Halifax 4 Halifax

New Glasgow Rangers beat Halifax Wolverines 5 games to none.

Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
February 21 Amherst 9 Shearwater 4 Dartmouth
February 22 Amherst 6 Shearwater 2 Dartmouth
February 24 Amherst 13 Shearwater 7 Amherst
February 25 Amherst 9 Shearwater 2 Amherst

Amherst Ramblers beat Shearwater Flyers 4 games to none.


Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
March 1 New Glasgow 7 Amherst 2 New Glasgow
March 3 New Glasgow 7 Amherst 0 Amherst
March 6 New Glasgow 6 Amherst 3 New Glasgow
March 7 Amherst 11 New Glasgow 4 Amherst
March 8 Amherst 6 New Glasgow 3 Amherst
Amherst 3 New Glasgow 2
March 11 New Glasgow 3 Amherst 1 New Glasgow

New Glasgow Rangers beat Amherst Ramblers 4 games to 3.

New Glasgow Rangers now qualified for the 1957-58 Eastern Canada Allan Cup Playoffs. They lost the best of 5 quarter final 3-2 to the Hull Legion. The Rangers then were admitted to the semi final for the Maritimes Senior Championship (see below).

Maritimes Senior ChampionshipEdit

Participating teamsEdit

League ChampionsEdit

Independent teamsEdit

Note: Summerside Aces were allowed to play in both series.

Prince Edward Island FinalEdit

Best of 9

Date Winner Loser Location
March 3 Charlottetown 12 Summerside 6 Summerside
March 4 Charlottetown 9 Summerside 9 Charlottetown
March 6 Charlottetown 5 Summerside 4 Charlottetown
March 7 Charlottetown 7 Summerside 5 Summerside
March 10 Charlottetown 6 Summerside 3 Summerside
March 13 Charlottetown 6 Summerside 1 Charlottetown

Charlottetown Royals beat Summerside Aces 5 games to 0, 1 tie.


Quarter FinalEdit

Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
March 26 Charlottetown 6 North Sydney 2 Charlottetown
March 27 Charlottetown 6 North Sydney 3 Charlottetown
April 1 North Sydney 8 Charlottetown 6 North Sydney
April 2 North Sydney 5 Charlottetown 3 North Sydney
April 3 North Sydney 9 Charlottetown 6 North Sydney
April 8 Charlottetown 10 North Sydney 6 Charlottetown
April 9 Charlottetown 5 North Sydney 2 Charlottetown

Charlottetown Royals beat North Sydney Combines 4 games to 3.

Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
March 26 Bathurst 11 Campbellton 1 Bathurst
March 29 Campbellton 5 Bathurst 4 Campbellton
April 8 Bathurst 7 Campbellton 6 Bathurst
April 10 Bathurst 4 Campbellton 3 Campbellton
April 12 Bathurst 4 Campbellton 3 Bathurst

Bathurst Papermakers beat Campbellton Tigers 4 games to 1.

Best of 5

Date Winner Loser Location
April 11 Charlottetown 8 New Glasgow 2 New Glasgow
April 12 New Glasgow 6 Charlottetown 5 New Glasgow
April 17 Charlottetown 7 New Glasgow 6 Charlottetown
April 18 New Glasgow 6 Charlottetown 4 Charlottetown
April 19 Charlottetown 10 New Glasgow 2 Charlottetown

Charlottetown Royals beat New Glasgow Rangers 3 games to 2.


2 games total goals

Date Winner Loser Location
March 21 Bathurst 12 Charlottetown 1 Bathurst
March 22 Bathurst 10 Charlottetown 4 Charlottetown

Bathurst Papermakers beat Charlottetown Royals 22 goals to 5.

Game AdsEdit

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