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Group CEdit

Top two teams advanced to Medal Round.

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union 22001544
2 Flag of Sweden Sweden 21107102
3 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 20208160
  • USSR 5-1 Sweden
  • Sweden 6-5 Switzerland

Games for 1st-6th placesEdit

Rank Team Pld W L T GF GA Pts
1 Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union 550025510
2 Flag of the United States United States of America 541026128
3 Canadian Red Ensign 1921 Canada 532023116
4 Flag of Sweden Sweden 513110173
5 Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 514020302
6 Flag of Germany-1960-Olympics Germany 50416351
  • USSR 4-1 Sweden
  • Sweden 5-0 Czechoslovakia
  • USA 6-1 Sweden
  • Canada 6-2 Sweden
  • Germany (UTG) 1-1 Sweden
Lars Svensson
Yngve Casslind
Bertz Zetterberg
Lars Björn
Åke Lassas
Vilgot Larsson
Ove Malmberg
Holger Nurmela
Sven Johansson
Sigurd Bröms
Hans Öberg
Ronald Pettersson
Nils Nilsson
Lars-Eric Lundvall
Stig Andersson-Tvilling
Hans Andersson-Tvilling
Stig Carlsson

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