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1956-57 CalJBHL Season

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This is the 1956-57 season of the Calgary Junior B Hockey League:


South Calgary                 22- 8-4-51      138-101
Calgary Tuxedo                18-10-6-45.5    109-123
Calgary West Hillhurst        19-13-2-44      166-125
Calgary Mount Royal           16-13-5-40      152-112
Calgary Capitol Hill          16-15-3-38      147-133
Calgary Killarney-Glengarry    8-25-1-20      107-208
Drumheller Miners              4-19-1-13.5    103-170

Note: Because of a tight deadline for the provincial championship, the province could not wait for this league to finish its playoffs. Therefore South Calgary advanced to the 1956-57 Alberta Junior B Playoffs by virtue of finishing in first place.

Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 3

  • West Hillhurst 5 South Calgary 4
  • West Hillhurst 4 South Calgary 3

Calgary West Hillhurst beat South Calgary 2 wins to none,

  • Mount Royal 11 Tuxedo 6
  • Mount Royal 5 Tuxedo 2

Calgary Mount Royal beat Calgary Tuxedo 2 wins to none.


Best of 5

  • Mount Royal 6 West Hiilhurst 5
  • West Hillhurst 9 Mount Royal 3
  • Mount Royal 7 West Hiilhurst 4
  • West Hillhurst 6 Mount Royal 5
  • Mount Royal 5 West Hiilhurst 3

Calgary Mount Royal bear Calgary West Hillhurst 3 wins to 2.

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