This is the 1955-56 Ottawa-St. Lawrence Conference season. There are no records for this season. The next season with records is 1959-60 and the last one with records is 1953-54.

 1954-55 OSLC Season  :  1956-57 OSLC Season
 1955-56 WCIAU Season :  1955-56 QOAA Season
 1955-56 AIAA Season

No results are available for 1954-55 through 1958-59. The conference winners were:

  • 1954-55 College Militaire Royale
  • 1955-56 Loyola College
  • 1956-57 Loyola College
  • 1957-58 Loyola College
  • 1958-59 Loyola College

Partial RecordsEdit

There were five teams in the league - Loyola College, Sir George Williams University, Royal Military College, College Militaire Royale, and Bishops University.

Bishops finished with a record of 0-7-1

Team PhotosEdit

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