This was held between the champions of the Quebec Hockey League and the Western Hockey League.

All the games were held in western Canada because of the expense of travelling across country and the travel time involved. Cross-country filghts were not that common yet.

These games were held after the Stanley Cup Playoffs in order to minimize competition from television and radio broadcasts of the Stanley Cup games.



Best of 9

Wednesday April 25 @ Calgary Winnipeg Warriors 6 Montreal Royals 3
Friday April 27 @ Edmonton Montreal Royals 5 Winnipeg Warriors 4
Saturday April 28 @ Calgary Winnipeg Warriors 5 Montreal Royals 1
Monday April 30 @ Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors 4 Montreal Royals 1
Tuesday May 1 @ Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors 4 Montreal Royals 3
Thursday May 3 @ Winnipeg Winnipeg Warriors 3 Montreal Royals 1

Winnipeg Warriors beat Montreal Royals 5 wins to 1.

Winnipeg Warriors won the Edinburgh Trophy.

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Team PhotosEdit

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