This is the 1954-55 season of the Ottawa City Senior League:


This league was hurriedly set up in late December after the Ottawa Senators of the minor pro Quebec Hockey League folded. The first doubleheader was played on January 22.

In order to stimulate some fan interest and open up the game, American collegiate rules were adopted. That meant, among other things, that there was no centre red line, bodychecking only in defensive areas, and forward passing was permitted from the defending zone up to the opposition blue line.

The first game of the finals was played under these rules. The last two games were under Canadian rules.


Regular Season GP W L T GF GA Pts
Ottawa RCAF Flyers 8 5 2 1 33 27 11
Woodroffe Cardinals 8 4 3 1 30 26 9
St Patricks Grads 8 3 5 0 40 28 6
RCOC Militia 8 3 5 0 19 41 6


Best of 3

Date Winner Loser Location
March 8 Woodroffe 3 RCAF 2 Ottawa
March 11 RCAF 7 Woodroffe 3 Ottawa
March 14 RCAF 6 Woodroffe 1 Ottawa

Ottawa RCAF Flyers beat Woodroffe Cardinals 2 games to 1.

Since this was the only senior league in the district, the Ottawa RCAF Flyers advanced to the 1954-55 Eastern Canada Allan Cup Playoffs.

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