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1954-55 IHL season

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This was the 1954-55 International Hockey League season.

Regular seasonEdit

Standings GP W L T GF GA Pts
Cincinnati Mohawks 604019126816481
Troy Bruins 603127219018064
Toledo Mercurys 603129018319662
Grand Rapids Rockets 602831119921557
Johnstown Jets 602534118821551
Fort Wayne Komets 602227118123545

Turner Cup-Playoffs Edit

  Turner Cup-Semifinals Turner Cup-Final
1 Cincinnati Mohawks 3  
3 Toledo Mercurys 0  
    1 Cincinnati Mohawks 4
  2 Troy Bruins 3
2 Troy Bruins 3
4 Grand Rapids Rockets 1  

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Game AdsEdit

See AlsoEdit

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