This is the 1952-53 season of the Alberta Big Six League:


Calgary CPR Beavers          14- 3-2-32  119- 83
Calgary Universal Meteors    14- 4-1-31   99- 62
Great Falls Americans        12- 5-0-26  111- 78
Canmore Legion                8-10-1-17   91-100
Calgary Hillhurst Hustlers    3-16-0- 6   71-102
Drumheller Miners             2-15-2- 6   56-122


Semi FinalsEdit

2 games total goals

First games

  • Great Falls 7 Meteors 5
  • Beavers 10 Canmore 4

League games were played every weekend and the playoffs were all played in Calgary. The weekend after the above games there was a bad snowstorm which prevented the Great Falls Americans from reaching Calgary for the second game. League officials had no flexibility in scheduling. They cancelled the original semi finals and instead had a sudden death game between Canmore and the Meteors. The winner went on to play the Beavers in the final.

Sudden death

  • Canmore 4 Meteors 3


2 games total goals

  • Beavers 9 Canmore 5
  • Beavers 10 Canmore 6

Calgary CPR Beavers won 19 goals to 11.

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