Flag of Manitoba

Seventeen teams registered in Intermediate A with the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association, including all Big Six and Winniboine league teams, to challenge for the Manitoba Championship, the McDiarmid Shield.
Big Six and Winniboine champions advanced to A Semi Final.

Intermediate A Round 1
Norwood Flyers defeated Selkirk Fishermen
Manitoba Intermediate A Quarter Finals
Carman Beavers defeated Winnipeg Army
Norwood Flyers defeated Steinbach Huskies
Manitoba Intermediate A Semi Finals
Dauphin Kings defeated Carman Beavers 2-games-to-none (13-0 & 15-2)
Pine Falls Paper Kings defeated Norwood Flyers 2-games-to-none (9-6 & 9-2)
Manitoba Intermediate A Final (McDiarmid Shield)
Dauphin Kings defeated Pine Falls Paper Kings 2-games-to-1 (5-3, 6-8, & 10-7)
Manitoba Intermediate A-B Final
Dauphin Kings defeated Poplar Point Memorials 2-games-to-none with one game tied (4-3, 5-5, & 13-3)

Dauphin Kings advanced to the 1951-52 Western Canada Intermediate Playoffs

Manitoba Intermediate A Hockey History

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