This is the 1950-51 season of the Pacific Coast Hockey League. It was the seventh season of the league.

All the teams from California folded - the San Francisco Shamrocks, Los Angeles Monarchs, San Diego Skyhawks, and the Fresno Falcons. The Seattle Bombers changed their name to the Seattle Ironmen. The Portland Penguins changed their name back to the Portland Eagles.

With only six teams left, the league abandoned its two division setup in favour of a single division.


Victoria Cougars           70-35-20-15-85    250-216
New Westminster Royals     70-38-24- 8-84    267-205
Tacoma Rockets             70-27-26-17-71    219-222
Portland Eagles            70-30-32- 8-68    266-255
Seattle Ironmen            70-23-36-11-57    214-249
Vancouver Canucks          70-19-34-17-55    216-285


Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 7


Best of 7

Victoria Cougars won the President's Cup.

Regular Season AttendanceEdit

  • Victoria: 137,019
  • Vancouver: 116,259
  • New Westminster: 101,341
  • Seattle: 74,000
  • Tacoma: 72,762

Team PhotosEdit

The picture of the Seattle Ironmen is from

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