These are the 1950-51 Alexander Cup playoffs:

This was the first year of competition for this Cup. Five leagues were eligible. Their champions played a series of playoffs leading to the final.

League ChampionsEdit


Quarter FinalEdit

Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
March 30 Sydney 2 Charlottetown 1 Sydney
March 31 Charlottetown 2 Sydney 2 Sydney
April 3 Sydney 4 Charlottetown 3 Charlottetown
April 4 Charlottetown 6 Sydney 1 Charlottetown
April 6 Charlottetown 3 Sydney 2 Charlottetown
April 9 Sydney 3 Charlottetown 1 Sydney
April 10 Charlottetown 3 Sydney 3 Sydney
April 14 Sydney 7 Charlottetown 2 Halifax

Sydney Millionaires beat Charlottetown Islanders 4 games to 2, 1 tie. The April 10th game was nullified.

Semi FinalsEdit

Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
April 10 Toronto 8 Saskatoon 5 Saskatoon
April 12 Toronto 4 Saskatoon 1 Saskatoon
April 18 Toronto 4 Saskatoon 2 Toronto
April 20 Toronto 9 Saskatoon 3 Toronto

Toronto St Michaels Monarchs beat Saskatoon Quakers 4 games to none.

Date Winner Loser Location
April 18 Valleyfield 3 Sydney 2 Sydney
April 19 Sydney 3 Valleyfield 2 Sydney
April 21 Sydney 3 Valleyfield 2 Sydney
April 24 Valleyfield 9 Sydney 6 Montreal
April 26 Valleyfield 3 Sydney 2 Montreal
April 29 Valleyfield 7 Sydney 1 Montreal

Valleyfield Braves beat Sydney Millionaires 4 games to 2.


Best of 7

Date Winner Loser Location
Tuesday, May 1 Valleyfield 4 Toronto 1 Montreal
Wednesday, May 2 Toronto 4 Valleyfield 1 Toronto
Saturday, May 5 Toronto 4 Valleyfield 4 Toronto
Tuesday, May 8 Toronto 6 Valleyfield 1 Toronto
Thursday, May 10 Valleyfield 7 Toronto 4 Montreal
Saturday, May 12 Valleyfield 4 Toronto 1 Toronto

Valleyfield Braves beat Toronto St Michaels Monarchs 9 points to 5 and were awarded the Alexander Cup.

Notes on FinalEdit

1. The May 5th game was stopped at midnight at a tie because of the Ontario law banning games on Sundays.

2. It was decided that the May 10th game would be worth 4 points in order to speed up the series. It was very late in the season and the attendance was very poor (4-5000 per game).

Notes on PlayoffsEdit

1. The Valleyfield Braves had to play their home games at Montreal because their hometown arena was not big enough to satisfy the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association.

2. The Toronto-Saskatoon semi-final series was only the second playoff ever to be played in both Eastern and Western Canada. The first was in the 1947-48 Western Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs. The only other amateur series that dd so was the 1968-69 Memorial Cup Final.

Team PhotosEdit

Game AdsEdit

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