The tournament was run in a round robin format with nine teams participating.

Pld W L T GF GA Pts
Canadian Red Ensign 1921 Canada 870169515
Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 8701801815
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Bronze medal icon 8620672112
Flag of Sweden Sweden 844055288
Flag of the United Kingdom Great Britain 835039476
Flag of Poland Poland 826029974
Flag of Austria Austria 817033772
Flag of Italy Italy 8080241560
Flag of the United States United States of America * 8530863310

* United States team was disqualified. Only eight teams are officially ranked.

  • Switzerland 5-4 USA
  • Switzerland 16-0 Italy
  • Switzerland 11-2 Austria
  • Switzerland 12-3 United Kingdom
  • Switzerland 8-2 Sweden
  • Switzerland 14-0 Poland
  • Czechoslovakia 7-1 Switzerland
  • Canada 3-0 Switzerland
Hans Bänninger
Reto Perl
Emil Handschin
Ferdinand Cattini
Hans Cattini
Hanggi Boller
Hans Dürst
Walter Paul Dürst
Bibi Torriani
Gebhard Poltera
Ulrich Poltera
Hans-Martin Trepp
Beat Rüedi
Fredy Bieler
Heini Lohrer
Werner Lohrer
Otto Schubiger

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