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1947-48 Alberta Junior Playoffs

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League championsEdit

Independent teamEdit

Note: Wetaskiwin played in an intermediate league after it was refused entry into the Edmonton League.

Provincial playoffsEdit

Semi Final (Best of 5)Edit

Date Winner Loser Location
February 19 Edmonton 4 Wetaskiwin 4 Edmonton
February 21 Wetaskwin 10 Edmonton 1 Edmonton
February 24 Wetaskiwin 6 Edmonton 2 Wetaskiwin
February 26 Wetaskiwin 11 Edmonton 2 Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin Canadians beat Edmonton Maple Leafs 3 wins to none, 1 tie.

Final (Best of 7)Edit

Date Winner Loser Location
March 4 Lethbridge 4 Wetaskiwin 2 Lethbridge
March 6 Lethbridge 5 Wetaskiwin 1 Lethbridge
March 10 Lethbridge 8 Wetaskiwin 3 Edmonton
March 13 Lethbridge 6 Wetaskiwin 1

Lethbridge Native Sons beat Wetaskiwin Canadians 4 wins to none.

Lethbridge Native Sons advanced to the 1947-48 Western Canada Memorial Cup Playoffs.

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