The 1946-47 St Lawrence League champion was the Cornwall Falcons.  They participated in the 1946-47 Ottawa District Senior Playoffs.  They defeated the Central Ottawa Valley League champion Chesterville Legion in the second round in a best of three series.  They defeated the Little Nation League champion Thurso  two games to none in the quarterfinals.  They defeated the Rideau Group champion Carleton Place Red Wings two games to none (8-4, 10-1) in the semi-finals.  They defeated Army League champion Adjutant General in the finals 2 games to none (7-4, 11-5) in the Ottawa District Senior Final to advance to the 1946-47 Eastern Canada Allan Cup Playoffs.They lost to 1946-47 Maritimes Senior Playoffs champion Moncton Hawks 4 games to none in the quarter finals (8-5, 8-1, 14-0, 10-5).

No further information is available on teams or standings

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